The future of Taarbæk Kro

The renovation of Taarbæk Kro has been a project in which quality and thoroughness have been decisive from day 1. And since we do not want to compromise with these values, we could not open the inn as desired in late summer 2023. The status is therefore now that we are well on our way, but that we still have a lot of work ahead of us before we reach the finishing line. We promise to update you further as soon as we can.

The history

For more than 300 years, Taarbæk Kro has been the city’s natural gathering place.

The architecture

Taarbæk Kro has never looked more like itself than it does now.

The construction

From the ad hoc to the well thought out.

The neighborhood

The area around Taarbæk has always been one of a kind.

The gastronomy

All you will need – from a cup of coffee to luncheon and dining.


Contact us and find your way to the sweetest spot.